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How to make a career plan? | Dallas, TX

Have you outlined your career plan? Organizing and establishing a career plan gives you the clarity to achieve your goals and obtain personal and professional satisfaction.

How to make a career plan? | Dallas, TX

Although sometimes it is forgotten, part of your happiness lies in enjoying the job. If you are not satisfied with the things you do every day, you will be overwhelmed. That is why it is so important to do long-term planning about your career to identify the resources that will help you meet your goal. Your profession must be the result of doing everything that moves you, you are passionate about and the skills and aptitudes you have to carry out that function successfully. Professional development goes beyond having a position, it has to do with the ability to grow, acquire knowledge, to put into practice what has been learned. For this, we must take into account the following points.

Scenarios for changing jobs

There are times when we find ourselves in situations from which it is difficult for us to get out. That is why we are going to propose three scenarios.

1. Everything goes wrong for me and I don’t like what I do

This situation usually occurs in those professionals who do not have a career plan or do not have set objectives. It occurs regularly in those who only work for money. Regardless of the organization or position, there will come a point when you will believe that what you are paid is insufficient for the effort and time invested. This short-term approach to work causes dissatisfaction and fatigue. It tends to turn into a  burnout syndrome.

2. Importance of luck

There are professionals who believe that they have this job or responsibility because they have been lucky. Here we must remember that the harder you work, the luckier you get. That is, sometimes luck is given by the effort and work we have done. Being in the right place may give you an advantage, but being there is a matter of moving and fighting for it.

There are people who allow themselves toxic relationships because they assume that this is the best opportunity they will find. The same thing happens at work, sometimes we keep the position because we think that we will not find anything better. In these cases a great ally is the vocation. Each person has the possibility of excelling in certain activities or skills. If we ignore it we can suffer, but normally if we follow it and work it will be easier to find happiness at work.

3. There are no possibilities for growth

This is the third situation that we pose. Today there are still companies that do not have an internal career plan for their employees. When looking for a solution, please check with your boss first to see if it is possible to track down this issue. If not, it sounds like you might be in need of a change. Stay away from places where you do not feel comfortable, especially if you want to continue growing.

What can motivate me to change jobs?

We have previously talked about indicators that can show us that it is time for a change. 

  • I need more money:  thinking that only money will give you more happiness is not usually the best argument, it is usually the most common mistake. In the long run, you may regret it because work is not only money, it is also a work environment, life balance, and responsibilities.
  • Tiredness or a sense of being stuck: ability to renew your performance is more dependent on you than on others. Consider ways to improve your new ideas to put them into action.
  • I work long hours:  why so many hours a day? Check if this increase in hours is due to excuses of lack of productivity or if it’s due to the inability to set limits and disconnects. It can also be that you’re a workaholic and this habit will stick with you, even after changing jobs.
  • Better life balance:  mental health, stress, and wanting to spend time with my family. The problem may be in the way of managing it, not so much in the company.

As conclusion, we must be responsible for our actions and our habits. As professionals, we may have a toxic relationship at work and in that case, we must work on those relationships in order to advance in our career without repeating the same mistakes that we have mentioned before.

Check if you are afraid of change

It’s okay if you’re scared, it’s normal and it happens to all of us. What makes the difference is how you act in the face of fear. You can move forward and learn from it or get stuck and not grow from it. If you are interested in changing jobs, beyond thinking about the company, the first thing you should think about to prepare yourself emotionally and intellectually is yourself and where you want to progress. Think that there are no good or bad places, but people who fit in some environments and not in others. If you take the first job that falls to you, you are thinking short term. The problem will come after a while of working in a place where you don’t like it, you will return to the same situation of dissatisfaction and overwhelm.

Conclusion. You have to do what you like, everything else comes by itself.

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