Interview Questions for Intern in Marketing

Interview Questions for Marketing Intern

Marketing interns are soon-to-be graduates in Advertising, Marketing, or any relevant field. Getting an internship is a great way to start a career and will offer great opportunities in the specific industry.When you go on a marketing interview, the interviewer will make sure that they find out about your role preferences and qualifications first before discussing the job in-depth.

Because it may not be easy to answer the questions, it is important to be prepared for the interview. Most interns want to know what they will be asked, and how they should answer. It is also essential for them to know about the skills they require, what they should include in their CV and how they should prepare for that.

An intern can learn about the interview from this article, including questions and their practical answers, so that you can make more points in front of the employer.

What Abilities Do Marketing Intern Need?

As a marketing intern, it is crucial to adopt a few skills that will help them in the interview and while working in the company as an intern.

There are many different skills and abilitities required for marketing interns. The following list is a summary of the skills that will be most beneficial to an intern in this field:

  • A marketing intern needs to have digital marketing skills to cultivate new business techniques. Not only digital marketing but also social media marketing. The person should also know about Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook , and other social media platforms so they can perform better while working. 
  • Good communication skills
  • Customer satisfaction is one of the main aspects, and you must fulfill customer’s needs. That is why you should learn about new technologies or other ways to increase efficiency and maximize satisfaction.  
  • Some companies also expect their interns to have basic knowledge or understanding of promoting blogs, blogging, etc.
  • An ability to research can be internet or market research because that is needed in the marketing organization. However, research is the only way for every organization to move forward and create its strategies. 
  • It is crucial to have an essential awareness of SEO or search engine optimization techniques. However, it is also a plus point because it can help with other strategies.
  • Understand the basic HTML and CSS, you need not be a genius in coding, but you need to understand how all this work. If you know, that will make your task much easier, and you can work more efficiently. 

Fulfilling these skills and abilities is essential for achieving success in the field. You need to improve your skills with time, and only you can develop new strategies. These skills are also essential to success in any industry, so it’s an important step for those who want to develop themselves.

What Should Be in a CV for a Marketing Internship?

If you are applying for an internship in marketing, that’s great! It is the best way to set up your career and have more success in the future. But to get the internship, you need to create an incredible CV, so even if you do not have real-world experience, you still have the class projects and coursework you can show.

You need to create a CV effectively because that is the most powerful tool you can have, and mention everything you think will help you sell yourself. For example, if you are applying for an internship in marketing, your CV should have more information about marketing than it would if you were applying for an internship in finance. From here, you will learn about the things you can add to your resume to stand out and secure your interview. 

The most wanted sections in a resume for a marketing internship are:

  • The header comes with clickable contact information.
  • A column of objectives that will state your goals and interest clearly.  
  • Qualification related to relevant class projects and coursework, you can also add some work-related achievements which you have achieved during the course.
  • Section for the skills (include both technical and soft skills)
  • Certifications (completely optional)

Things recruiter may want to see in your resume are:

  • The reason why you are interested in the position for a marketing .
  • Areas of marketing in which you are specialized in digital, social, content, etc.
  • Willingness to work and learn new things  on a team.
  • Capability to think analytically and creatively .

In the end, these values will bring you forward, even if you do not have tons of experience but are ready to learn more. You should examine yourself and mention every essential skill that will make your resume even better. Attention to detail, excellent listening skills, and creativity in social media outreach are all qualities that should be mentioned.

In the skills section, you need to mention what will win the recruiter, and those are: Adaptable, Flexible, Teamwork, Creative, Organized, and Time Management. Moreover, there are several tools, too, that will help you create a modern and stand-out resume that will get you better results.  

Marketing Interview Examples for Graduated Students

A person can never be sure about the questions that will be asked in a marketing interview. But there are chances that an interviewer will ask you a few common questions, and you need to answer them with a better approach. So you need to be prepared about it first because that will build confidence and can answer the question.

  • Tell us something about yourself?

This question will probably lead in to how your experiences have prepared you for this particular role.It is an effective starting point and an opportunity for you to shape the conversation.

While answering the question, you need to tell your story and share the past experience related to the skills.Give a few examples of how you are a strong fit for the internship and show them why. 

  • Why do you want to make marketing a career?

With this question, they want to ask why you are here. You need to ground your past experience and understand your goals. You should consider the different skills that will help you throughout your marketing career.

The person should be focused on the desired career path, honest about it, and ensure they end up with the right team.

  • What marketing campaign do you like the most?

In this question, they would like to know about your taste and understand how you will judge the marketing campaign’s success. If this question is asked, then you need to react positively and give the answer with proper thinking.

Moreover, you should always show excitement while answering about the marketing techniques.

  • Any opinion about the recent marketing campaign?

The employer wants to find out what values you offer to the marketing team. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for you, through which you can enter the awareness campaign. If you will see the potential avenue for improvement, then you need to present your feedback gently.

With this answer, you can showcase your interest in the company’s targeted audience. In addition, you can show your expertise.

  • How will you manage the new product launch?

In this answer, you need to be focused on the workflow and how you will implement your skills into the highlighted task. Therefore, you must showcase your expertise and give a brief description of how you will handle things.

You can also include the times you have successfully improved the process and enjoyed the most. Also, mention the parts of the launch process that will excite you the most, giving a better insight into the process.    

  • Any hobbies or interests?

They ask these general questions because they want to know how you will get along with their team. People spend most of their time with their coworkers, and you need to engage with them too. And this will give you a chance to explore your personality outside of work – giving you a great sense of who you really are!

What Questions Will You Be Asked in an Interview for Marketing?

To get the internship, you need to develop a few skills and also need to answer the series of questions that will be asked. Here are varieties of common questions that you may get asked, and you need to answer them effectively.

General Questions

When you begin your internship interview, then there are a few questions that will help you cover the broad topics. These general questions that the employer may ask so they can know you better:

  • What do you make marketing your career?
  • Why would you like to work with us?
  • Which marketing campaign is your favorite?
  • What brand do you follow the most?
  • What are you hoping to learn during the internship?
  • How will you improve your professional life?

Questions related to background

The general question that will be asked will tell the employer about your personality. With these marketing internship interview questions, the employer wants to know more about your qualification and background.

  • What marketing skills do you currently possess?
  • Which marketing software are you familiar with?
  • Tell something about the leadership role you have taken any
  • What different marketing trends have you noticed recently?
  • How will you bring more value to your team?
  • How will you define your target audience?

In-depth Questions with sample answers

Here you will find some of the questions with their answers that the recruiter may ask you.

  • What are your plans after graduation?

Sometimes internships may turn into full-time positions, which is why employers ask this question if they want you to stay in their company. It will be a chance for you to have several job opportunities so make sure you are not telling them you want a full-time job after graduation in the same field.

  • What will you do if you are assigned some tasks that are not exciting for you?

When you work as an intern, then the employer will introduce you to various projects so you can get aligned with your interest. Employers will ask this question to know how you will react to this and they also want to understand their employees.

So you can say “It’s a little tough at first, but you’ll be able to develop your skills over time and feel more comfortable“.But make sure you have a positive attitude.

  • How will you convince someone that you are right even when they do not agree with that?

In a marketing job, one thing that you require is strong communication skills and also the ability to sell products effectively. But along with that, you need to convince the client about your product and how it can be beneficial for them.

So when the recruiter asks this question from you, then they may want to know how you can convince the customer to buy the product and also satisfy them at the same time. To answer this question, you need to be more professional and show the skills you have learned at your university or during the course. Moreover, you can also add the way you will be speaking with the customer and how you will handle them.

Tips for the Interview for Marketing Internship

Interviewing for the internship is an excellent way through which you can practice for the interview after graduation. You need to be prepared for the internship interview, and that will be possible through these tips:

  • You should practice and come to the interview ready. You should have plenty of time to prepare for that. Moreover, when you are going for an interview, you should always bring a copy of your resume.
  • Always wear formal or some decent clothes while you are going to your interview. Ensure the clothes you are wearing are free from stains and clean.
  • You should also bring work samples with you. For example, if you want to apply for a creative position, you should create your portfolio related to the relevant work and then compile the portfolio into something nice.
  •  The first impression is crucial and if you want to get hired, then put some effort into introducing yourself in interacting with others.
  • An intern does not have professional experience but you can still get a response where you can highlight your top skills and show you have strong problem-solving skills.


Once the interview is done, you should always express your appreciation. The person needs to be prepared for the interview because that will offer more opportunities for their career. With these questions, you can get better help and pass the interview effortlessly.

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