Take a new level in your career: apply for Logistics Manager

New level in your career:Logistics Manager

New level in your career : “Logistics Manager”

The time has come to opt for a logistics manager position. It has not been easy to get here, but you want to take the step. Once the decision is made, you must prepare for the interview for this position, since it will be different from the ones you have done so far.

How should I focus my search for manager job?Take a new level in your career: apply for Logistics Manager

Most of the vacancies that open for managers usually require experience, so it is difficult to look for that first opportunity to become an experienced manager.

However, don’t give up. There are two ways to get that new job.

The first, and recently, the most common: climbing positions in the company. Applying for an internal position or taking on new responsibilities can be as a result of hard work within the organization.

The second step is to look for opportunities at work where you can apply everything that you have so far been learning without the need for previous experience in logistics. For example, if you are looking for a logistics manager role, try applying to vacancies where they are seeking skilled candidates in logistics rather than applicants with managerial experience.

What can you say in your CV to demonstrate that you are the right person for the logistics manager job?

As always, your CV is the key document on which you can direct your future, it’s important not only to include your skills in your CV but also how those skills will benefit the company or organization where you want to work. If you’re applying for a logistics manager position, then it’s advisable to include as much information about your experience with logistics management as possible. This includes things like how many years of experience you have in managing logistics operations, how many people you supervised and how many projects or tasks you managed in this role.


It is important, once the decision has been made, to get down to work and start developing the objectives and strategies to reach the next objective in your career plan.

Skills that a good manager should have

The interview should demonstrate the qualities that a good leader should have. These are the characteristics:

  • Emotional intelligence: It is critical to understand how to communicate, sympathize, and motivate the team while remaining focused on the goals.
  • Multitasking: When there are many projects for a manager to oversee at the same time, the best way is to delegate work and skills. Stress can be present in daily tasks.
  • Continuous training: These days, important to continue training, not only in the sector in which you develop your professional career, but also in skills to be a good manager. Coaching courses or leadership techniques can be a good tool to improve your CV .
  • Be a good communicator: Communication is not one-way, but two-way, that’s why you should speak and listen equally.
  • Flexibility or ease of adaptation: it is one of the skills most required by companies since the future is uncertain and technology makes everything evolve faster. Being flexible and adapting quickly and without fear of change can make you a good logistics department manager.

Next step:Logistics manager interview

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If you do not have work experience as a logistics manager, in interviews you should focus on highlighting scenarios where you were able to demonstrate your competence and abilities.

Not only at the work level, but also in the experiences that you have had in your personal life or in recreational activities.

The answers have an important weight throughout the process, you must show that you are a proactive and positive person, being results-oriented, and remain calm while under pressure.

Remember that the recruiter wants to see that you have the necessary skills to manage a team of people and be able to achieve the results expected from that department.

Another piece of advice we can give you is to give specific examples, in as much detail as possible. The theory is fine, but the important thing is the real cases and what you have learned from them.

Typically, a recruiter gets a lot more out of your speech than what you say. If you give examples it is easier for the recruiter to see the passion and how you acted in that situation. Telling practical examples gives credibility to your words.

These are the three possible scenarios that you can find in this type of interview:

  • Solve work-related problems
  • Behavioral questions to understand you better
  • Creativity or critical thinking test

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Why should you be the one we hire?

Better to prepare an answer in advance. You will know what you’re going to say and not have any moments where you don’t know what your point is. Remember that what they want to know is why you are suitable for logistics manager position and for that company.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to other candidates. It’s about convincing them, showing that your character and your experience guarantee your candidacy.


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