Questions You may get asked for position of Logistics Manager Interview! 

Questions You may get asked , while giving Logistics Manager Interview!

Giving an interview can be scary sometimes, and that is why a person needs to be prepared for it.The person should research the job profile, company and other crucial things so they can manage everything easily.

You should have a good idea of the daily tasks undertaken by logistics managers when interviewed for the position. What will be your responsibilities? Once you know about them, it will become easy for you to handle the situation. Knowledge is crucial because the interviewer may ask you about some case studies, and it will not be possible for you to answer if you have no knowledge about them.

The confidence to go after your goals is important, but the only confidence without good knowledge is useless. The same can be said for having knowledge without the confidence or communication skills.So, here you will learn about the Logistic Manager job and what the person has to do and understand the logistics manager interview process. Along with that, the guide will help you in knowing the questions which may be asked by the interviewer and how you need to answer them! 

Logistic Manager Job Description 

The Logistics Manager are the professional who ensures that the supply chain works effectively and efficiently in an organization. As such, they are responsible for organizing, storing and monitoring distribution to make sure nothing is missed.

The goal of being a Logistics Manager is to take care of an entire order cycle and make sure the business stays sustainable and satisfied. As such, you need to be responsible for several different tasks that require coordination like: you should be in regular contact with your supplier to make sure your orders are delivered on time.

As the primary responsibility of a manager, it is their job to oversee all inflows and outflows of material.They also plan to reduce the cost of shipping, as they will be able to assess the necessary budget before processing the shipment. Manager has to ensure that every customer is satisfied and that there are no misunderstandings.


Responsibilities of Logistic Manager 

To successfully carry out the tasks of a logistics manager, he or she needs to follow these responsibilities:

  1. Plan and strategically manage the logistics, transportation, warehouse and customer services departments. 
  2. Make sure that the whole order cycle goes smoothly. This includes manufacturing, storage, and shipment of the items.
  3. Make sure to keep a close eye on the quantity, quality, transportation cost, delivery times and performance of your logistic partners.
  4. Develop the procedure and system to schedule and track the procurement and distribution operation. 
  5. It is important for logistics manager to arrange your warehouse properly, catalog the goods, plan the routes, and process shipments.
  6. Meet your productivity, accuracy, cost and timeliness targets.

General and Background Questions You Can Prepare for 

Here are a few general questions the interviewer may ask you during the logistics manager interview. 

  •  Why are you willing to work in Logistics? 
  •  What are your career goals currently? 
  •  Why do you think that you are suitable for this job? 
  •  What is the most crucial skill that a logistics manager should have? 
  •  What will be your response when the supplier cannot meet the deadline? 
  •  Can you tell us anything about ISO requirements? 
  •  Have you ever contacted the supplier and negotiated the price? 
  •  What do you think is most challenging when it comes to budgeting? 
  •  How will you analyze the performance of your team? 
  •  Tell us about a time when you have done something creative to solve a problem. 

Comprehensive Question 

Know some comprehensive or in-depth questions your interviewer may ask you about your position as a logistics manager. 

  •  What is included in the bill of lading? 
  •  What do you know about the export declaration 
  •  What do you know about the SKU number? 
  •  What do you mean by allocating in the field of inventory management? 
  •  What is the meaning of Affreightment? 

Questions You May Get Asked and How You Can Answer Them 

Here are some of the common questions you will be asked in your interview, with sample answers. This will help guide your preparation and ensure that you’re ready to nail the job.

  1. Tell us about a time when you manage the group successfully to complete a task. 

Employers want to know more about your teamwork skills, so while answering this question, also mention that you’re great at working well with others as part of your group.Also, you can consider giving specific examples of how you will encourage the individual and trust them to complete a task.


  1. Have you come across demanding customers? 

In this question, the interviewer may want to know about your communication and problem-solving capabilities. Therefore, you need to answer with confidence. When they ask you this question, they want to see how you would handle the situation and react to it while working for them. 

A good answer for this would be how you would nicely approach and deal with the situation in question. You could also mention your past experience.


  1. Have you ever mentored your colleague? If yes, how did it go? 

The skills of a mentor are not something all managers are born with, but they can be learned and used when the time calls for it. Mentoring is an example of this, as those who have the skills and are confident enough to use them have a tendency to have employees that feel more intrinsically motivated.

 So, while answering this question, give them the proper answer or specific example of the skills that will help the individual develop like : 

I have mentored one of my colleagues in logistics. The goal of the program was to build her skills and knowledge to be successful in her career. We had one hour sessions every week, and I offered feedback on the logistics projects she completed.


  1. Have you ever fired someone from the job of logistics manager? 

A logistic manager has to go through a number of tough challenges when it comes to the staff.It is crucial to make sure that they are going through everything with respect and grace. So, if that situation ever happens to you, like if you have ever fired someone, you can just explain how you will do that. 

You can answer them that you have fired by being calm and professional even in an emotional situation. 

When in doubt, or if you’re unsure about the termination of an employee’s contract, it is always important to check the state on their situation.

  1. What are the different methods you can use to analyze the performance of the logistic team? 

Hence, it is important for logistics managers to understand the proven techniques that help them analyze their team and how they perform. They must also review the process and make changes if necessary so they can work more efficiently.


While answering, you should be confident and focus on explaining how you will analyze the team’s performance. And also how it will be beneficial for you? 

  1. How will you manage your time efficiently? 

A logistics manager’s time is always in demand. There are many different aspects of the job that need to be managed on a day-to-day basis, and it can be hard to stay on top of them all.

When you give an answer to this question, you should give them the details on how time management effectively can help you in getting a better outcome for the company. 

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