Sales Representative-3rd Highest Paid Job in USA

Sales Representative-3rd Highest Paid Job Opportunity in USA


Sales representatives act as a link between businesses and customers. They are responsible for performing all necessary tasks to ensure the successful operation of business organizations. Their main goal is to make contact with potential customers and increase overall sales.

Are you considering a career as a sales representative in the USA? If so, having a clear understanding of their duties can help you make a confident decision.

What is Sales Representative?

Sales representative is mainly responsible for selling goods and services to business organizations and government agencies. Therefore, manufacturers and wholesalers depend on sales representatives to sell their products to businesses and government agencies.

Some people call sales representatives as manufacturer representatives or manufacturer agents. They have complete knowledge about products and services a specific business deals with. Their main motive is to satisfy their regular customers to have high profits in a business organization.

In the USA, a sale representative is known to be 3rd highest paid salary without a specific professional degree. However, the ranking by the USA is some by keeping in mind certain factors. For example, if we talk about marketing sector jobs ranking, then sales representatives have 4th ranking in the USA.

How to Become a Sale Representative?

  • Complete Higher Education

Formal education, like Bachelor’s degree, is generally not required to become a sales representative. However, people with a minimum higher school diploma can easily become sales representatives in the USA. To gain a better understanding of the field, a person can pursue a technical program. Various courses are available in this field, like accounting, finance, mathematics, and psychology.

  • Find Entry Level Sale Position

Being involved in an entry-level role will help develop necessary skills. Time can be used to search for the industry of your choice and learn new strategies. Giving it a try, various industries will increase their experience level and understanding of the industry type that is perfect.

  • Receive on the Job Training

Sales representatives can boost their skills through job training or by joining specialized programs. The training choice will depend on the products that the sales representative will be responsible for selling in the future. Also, training time will differ based on the company that a person joins.

Some offer training in the initial stage, while others offer a formal training program after stipulated period.Based on their skills and experience, the sales representative will be offered various training programs by the company.

  • Choose and specialize in Industry

Now is the time for the sales representative to choose an industry as a career option. After having basic knowledge of skills, you can specialize in an industry you choose to play. The selection of industry should be based on the sales representative’s skills and the funds they are willing to invest in this sector.

  • Gather Certificates

There is no need for certification to work as a sales representative in any industry. But as the competition is increasing, one can apply for special certification to set apart from the competition. Obtain certificates from licensed authorities to qualify as a professional in a specific industry.

A sales representative focusing on inside sales can become a certified inside sales professional. The certification is an online course with ten classes and a final exam.

Duties of Sales Representative

The sales representative starts communicating with customers to understand their needs and preferences entirely. Each person will get their own weekly, monthly, yearly, or quarterly goals. They are an important part of the complete company. They have their specific responsibility that makes their hiring a good option:

  • Obtain orders from clients and ensure to serve them at the best possible time.
  •  Focus on how they can improve their sales compared to the past period.
  • Generate all necessary sales reports and records
  • Maintain a good relationship with their regular customers.
  • Prepare a list of potential clients to increase overall sales.
  • Actively seek out new sales opportunities.
  • Attend meetings, trade shows, and conferences to promote their products and services.
  • Work with the marketing team to develop and implement sales strategies.
  • Communicate with clients via phone, email, or in person to discuss their needs and provide them with information about products and services.
  • Negotiate prices, payment terms, and other details of sales contracts.
  • Ensure that all sales documents are accurate and complete.
  • Keep track of sales targets and report on progress.
  • Monitor market trends and competitor activity to stay up to date on industry developments.
  • Participate in company meetings with the sale manager and other officers of the companies.

Why Choose Sales Representative as a Career Option?

Are you not coming in contact with new and different people? In that case, going to the sales department will be your best option. However, if you want to have a career as a sales representative, then you must have some basic skills like communication, organizational, and leadership skills.

Some people even have some misconceptions about sale professional, but in reality, various rewards and benefits are attached to this profession.

  • Offers Flexibility in Working Schedules

There is no boundation of working time for people who work as a sale representative. What matters the most is number of sales they provide to the organization. In addition, they can use their working style and help an organization get good returns in the future.

  • Improves Professional Network

Building a professional career in a stream of sales is a good option. Suppose the person is interested in talking with people; they can easily make contacts. Moreover, maintaining a relationship with clients helps improve their relations with normal clients.

  • Focus on Technology

Traditionally, all work of organization was manual, but things have changed. With the addition of technology, people can make their data-related decisions with more accuracy with technology. Therefore, using a new system is not a good option to save energy but also saves the cost of people.

  • Learn Everyday Skills

The profession of selling involves communication with new people. When they step out to work, they might develop certain skills that will increase their returns. A person can even use the skills developed in this profession in their normal life:

  • An improvement in listening skills will also help in making personal relations with people better.
  • Sale of products and services is all about trust of people. If someone adds this quality to their life, their relationship with friends also improves.
  • The person will also develop the quality of finding a solution to problems in which he gets stuck at the current time.
  • Limitless Earning Option

The biggest benefit for sale representative is that it creates opportunities for financial earning. A person who works in this profession will receive commission and bonuses other than salary. They get new opportunities in this sector and have limitless earnings. If a person works with dedication and ambition, they will surely succeed.

Cons of Being a Sales Representative

Every profession has specific advantages and disadvantages. There is no professional that only provides good results to people. A person can search for the means to come out of cons, but still, one has to face them to a certain extent.

  • Sales are generally not predictable. It is impossible for a person to predict the number of sales they will have in a certain period.
  • The quotas in sales in any organization become the root cause of the high stress that a person has to face.
  • Such a profession makes compulsion to have talks with people whom a person doesn’t want to have.

Salary of Sales Representative in the USA

In the United States, a sales representative’s salary is $72013 as average base salary. As per complete research on the salary of representatives in the USA, it was declared genuine. Even they receive a commission that is also like a profit for them. Generally, people receive $10900 as their commission.

Rest the variation in salary is based on years of experience that people have. Therefore, before a person searches for such a profession in the USA, they will analyze their future earnings.

Years of ExperienceEstimated Per Year Salary 
< 1 year$65221
1-2 years$70000
3-5 years$75000
6-9 years$82000
> 10 years$89000


What Skills do Sales Representatives Need?

  • Interpersonal Skills

Sale representative must have good communication skills. These skills include people’s ability to listen to customers and represent themselves in front of them. Their main motive is to have a lead among the customers.

  • Ability to Negotiate

During closing sales, there is a requirement for abilities like persistence and negotiation. Using negotiation skills will help people reach a fair value price that will help complete the final agreement.

  • Presentation Skills

The main motive of sale representative is to sell the goods and services. To have higher sales, a person can do a demo of products. During the presentation, people can explain core features and benefits.

  • Critical Thinking Skills

Diagnosis of the problem of the prospect is prime duty of sale representative. After an idea of problem, they will find a relevant solution.

  • Relationship Management

Sales representatives should have such skills to build and nurture their relationships with customers. Having good relations with customers will lead to the success of the organization.


Is Choosing a Sales Representative a Good Career Option in the USA?

Yes, choosing sales representative as a career option in the USA will give good income. In the USA, it is considered the third highest-paid employment option.

Where Do Sales Representatives Work?

Working of sales representatives mainly takes place in industries. For example, sales representatives are hired in the insurance, technology, and hardware industries.

Who Does Sales Representative Work With?

Sales representatives have a meeting with field sales representatives who are responsible for the delivery of products. Their main motive is to provide a high level of customer satisfaction to people.

What Makes a Good Sales Representative?

 A successful sales representative always interacts with other people in a friendly and approachable manner. It will surely maintain positive relation with customers in the long run. In addition, people with good management skills can serve customers.


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