What can you contribute to this company? Leave recruiters speechless

What can you contribute to this company? Leave recruiters speechless

Everything is flowing perfectly until you hear: “what can you contribute to this company?” and that awkward silence automatically begins in the job interview, given the need you have to be hired for that position and the desire to respond satisfactorily. So that’s the point: is there a satisfying answer to that question?

It’s just that no matter how many times you’ve practiced answering, that’s one of those tough job interview questions that everyone wants to avoid. What would happen if you learned how to respond quickly?   Since there is no single answer, the key thing is to transmit enough security that the person conducting the interview is comfortable and satisfied with your answer.

In this article, you will discover what recruiters are looking for with the question “what can you contribute to this company?”, as well as examples and tips to answer it successfully.

In addition, you will know the answers to other frequently asked questions in job interviews and you will see some interpersonal communication techniques to transform a job interview into a space for conversation (with your future employers, of course). 

How do you respond if they ask you “what can you contribute to this company?”

When you consider answering what you can contribute to the company, you must take into account various considerations in this regard.

It is not a simple question and many people make mistakes when answering it during a job interview. The best thing to do is spend some time really considering it, like these things:

1. What kind of response does the company expect from you?

Before thinking about what to answer to “what can you contribute to this company?”, it is essential to find out what answer the company expects from you.

This question can usually be replaced by the following: “Why are you interested in working with us?” the best response to this question is based on what you enjoy in this company rather than its value offer. (of which we will talk about later).

However, both have something in common: they must be adapted to what their needs are. Though it sounds like a time-consuming task, researching the company you’re applying for, can be extremely beneficial to your success.

But be careful, one of the biggest mistakes in job interviews is not researching yourself enough. 

How could you know what you can contribute to this company, if you don’t know yourself?”

2. What is the value proposition?

When a recruiter asks you what you can contribute to the company, what they are looking for is to discover if you really have an interest in the position offered and what your value proposition is based on. 

What is a value proposition ? It is what distinguishes you from the other candidates and identifies you as the major reason why a company should hire you rather than everyone else who applies for the position

Reflect your value proposition in the CV

Finally, do not forget that your proposal must also be reflected in the CV,  because what you think you can contribute to the company must also be present when writing a resume

Possible answers to “what can you contribute to this company?”

When answering what you can contribute to the company, the main thing is that you are aware of everything we mentioned above and, in addition, take into account two essential points:

  • Be clear about both your strengths and your weaknesses: if you combine both with the values ​​of the company, you will be able to find the right words.
  • Show self-confidence – People falter during interviews for a variety of reasons. However, if you are able to recover from this and steer the conversation back onto the right track, then the chance of landing that job increases greatly!

Do you already have everything clear? It is time to visualize some of the possible answers that you can offer to the question about what you can contribute to the company. We clarify that the answers do not have to be exact (neither in form nor in substance), since there are many variables to consider (the company itself, the position you are applying for, among others); but it will help you to form an idea about what may be the best way to respond.

1. Appeal to resilience

One of the best answers you can answer about what you can contribute to the company is to assure your interviewer that you are a person with the ability to handle difficult or traumatic situations at work. This being one of the main values ​​with which you can contribute to your future company.

If you worked for different companies and left a good track record with them, then that speaks to your ability to adapt to different places and work teams. As well as to various items and ways of working .

Be careful, with this we do not mean that you insinuate that you like to work under pressure or in a toxic environment. We comment on this point, since, for companies, it is essential that employees not only know how to orient themselves in an adverse situation, but also seek a strategy to deal with any possible situation, in order to overcome the difficulty. 

2. Demonstrate your handling of digital tools

For companies, it is very important to have people prepared and trained in the new work processes. Even if you are inexperienced in some essential matters, knowing about the latest digital and technological trends will be of great help to you for any type of application to which you apply.

Also known as a  digital mindset , is critical, especially if you’re applying to tech companies or remote positions.

And even if your potential job is not specifically related to technology, having that knowledge gives your application a plus, since you can become the collaborator who contributes that grain of sand in the company.

Technology is constantly advancing, day after day. Therefore, during the job interview, it can help you to highlight all your preparation in this area when answering what you can contribute to the company to which you are applying.

3. Talk about emotional intelligence

We are at a crucial moment in terms of work environments. Recruiters now also have those people who demonstrate high emotional intelligence, so it would be a good idea to mention it among the contributions you can make to the company.

To do this, we suggest that you start with some type of work experience in which you have had to demonstrate good management of your emotions.

It’s not about boasting about your expertise. Share some anecdotes that you think would be good examples of emotional intelligence. In this way,  they will be more aware of your level of flexibility and commitment to the organization as a result, which could be one of the most valuable contributions you can make.

4. Show your communication skills

Throughout the interview, you must demonstrate your communication skills. However, in this case, it is about the interviewer knowing, for sure, can be a quality that can be one of the fundamental factors that you can contribute to the company.

Having the facility to transmit ideas, clearly and simply, is highly valued in companies, especially in positions that require contact with internal or external audiences . For this reason, communication skills are usually well seen by employers, since it has several advantages, such as:

  • Proper exchange of ideas within the work environment
  • An atmosphere of respect among colleagues.
  • It prepares you to become the positive leader that every company needs.

This isn’t about talking nonstop during the entire talk with your interviewer. Simply, you must ensure that you can respond clearly and firmly to the questions asked in the job interview. That being said, it would be implied that communication is one of the parts that you contribute to the company.

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