What exactly is blind hiring, and how is it being used ?

What exactly is blind hiring, and how is it being used ?

What exactly is blind hiring, and how is it being used ?

When companies use blind hiring, they can review resumes without any bias towards the job candidate’s name, what they look like or where they come from. So-called ‘ blind  resumes ‘ are when the recruiter has no idea who submitted the resume.

Blind recruitment is a technique where candidates are interviewed to assess their competence and suitability for a position without their past experiences or qualifications being revealed. The idea behind this method is that since people would be more likely to hire someone they already know, it could entice an equal opportunity approach in terms of hiring staff or awarding opportunities.


Understanding the concept of blind hiring

Blind recruiting is a worldwide and conscious transformation that tries to eliminate unconscious bias in favor of being more proactive about diversity. The concept is around selecting people for a company without knowing anything about their background, gender, nationality, or disability.


How does it work?

For the most part, the blind hiring process is exactly what it sounds like. The company hiring for a particular job won’t know about the candidate’s gender, national origin, age or anything that isn’t strictly job related.

The recruiter will only know that a certain position needs to be filled and then review various resumes based on skill requirements and experience levels.

There is no requirement for examining the knowledge from resume or social media profiles. This approach removes long time of opinion and offers more time for constructive evaluation.

For example:  While employers may believe that knowing a candidate’s school helps them determine their intelligence and capabilities, it also creates a significant risk of bias about the person’s background and level of affluence.

Blind hiring removes cognitive biases that arise when reading a resume and eliminates preconceived notions and stereotypes that HR managers may have about candidates by concealing such characteristics. As a result, the process assists hiring managers in remaining focused and making sound decisions based solely on the job seeker’s skills and knowledge.


What is meant by the term :blind job posting ? 

Blind job postings are a hiring practice in which companies post ads that do not include the company’s name, address, or contact information.When companies do this, they are hoping to avoid bias, attract better candidates and select more diverse employees.


Why might a company use blind hiring?

Companies are moving toward “blind hiring” as a way to create a more equal environment for every applicant. This method is accomplished by utilizing software that removes identification from resumes and then uses an algorithm is often used to match an applicant’s skills and experience to the qualifications of a specific jobopening.

The goal of blind hiring is to eliminate any unconscious biases that may exist during the hiring process. This practice involves the employer asking the candidate to submit their qualifications, skills, and work experience in a way that identifies them only by an ID number.


Is blind recruitment successful?

Blind hiring is no longer regarded as a radical or revolutionary concept.The process of screening out candidates that are not suitable for a particular position by asking them to complete a test, assessment, or other form of trial is called “trial recruitment”. It has been proven that the use of this process increased of over 37% of women in an organization. Many businesses have adopted this practice, and for good reason.

You do have to remember , blind recruitment does not involve any human interaction between the entrance candidate and the recruiter – everything is done for through emails or via a smart automated system.


What is the format of a blind resume?

Blind resume’s (also known as transcribed resumes or anonymous resumes) purposes are to reduce subjectivity when filtered through the hands of a human recruiter,  in other words “  Recruiters can manually redact information using pen and paper or image editing software at the most basic level “. However, this is a time-consuming procedure.

A blind resume format is a way for employers to break out from their usual bias in recruitment practices. Applicants can potentially get a job offer before really selling themselves with every little detail that might have been included in their previous profession’s summaries. It’s imperative for potential job hunters that they don’t disclose personal information on social media – name, religion and marital status.



While blind hire can be a good way to tackle biases in recruiting, it’s not necessarily the best option for every business at every point in the company’s life-cycle. Before blindly diving into a new process, it is important to evaluate company  needs and take them into account when developing your strategy.

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