What Should Be in a CV for a Marketing Internship?

What Should Be in a CV for a Marketing Internship?

Applying for the marketing intern position can be the best opportunity that anyone could have. It is the best way to set your future self for success. But the main challenge you get is getting your foot in the door.

If you are a student or recent graduate, you probably do not have marketing-related experience. That is why you must create the best marketing resume to speak for itself. 

With a great resume, you can still stand a chance in the interview even if you do not have the relevant experience. You may not have relevant real-life experience, but you have probably had the coursework or the class project in SEO, SEM, and SMM. Added to that, the marketing industry is always evolving, which means you’re not just stuck in one place. You might even get the opportunity to rise up through the ranks and take on more responsibility and better remuneration along the way.

So, how will you create the best CV for your internship? What things should you include in that? How can you make it more effective? You will learn about everything here in detail, so just keep scrolling! 

How to Write a Marketing Intern Resume?

Marketers are both creative and analytical, and this is the skill that should be reflected in your resume. On average, it is said that a recruiter spends only 6 seconds on your resume, so you need to make sure it stands out. It should be creative as marketing and free to design something unique. 

Format you can use to create a proper resume 

  • Reverse chronological – You need to pick this one if you have got about three or more internship roles and have accumulated enough experience.
  • Hybrid–It is the perfect resume that combines on-the-job experience with hard and soft skills.  
  • Functional–For the intern who is going for their first interview, it is pretty good as they can explain their actual experience and will find that out.
  • Creative The above resume layouts can also be formatted creatively so you can stand out from the different ranges of applicants. When a person applies for a big company, you need to make it attractive.   

How to write?

If you are writing a resume to apply for the internship, that can be pretty challenging. Especially if you are an entry-level candidate still gaining experience or pursuing an education in their field of choice, that will be even harder.  

So, if you want to know how to write the best marketing resume, you can consider some essential steps to ensure you create an effective one.   

  • Keep it brief (one-page format)

Before you write the resume, the person needs to make sure that they have followed one of the many different resume formats, maintain a brief and be aware of how long the resume is.You need to plan things and highlight information about your professional experiences, education, skills, and many other rewards.

There are several other benefits that you can experience that will help you describe the goals and interests in the given position. 

  • The information which shows you are qualified

Once you format the resume, you need to fill in the section that you create with the information demonstrating you are qualified to become the marketing intern. You can even confirm your professional objective that will describe your enthusiasm about the role you are applying for.

With all the information, such as skills, achievements, and experience, only you can tell the other person that you are perfect for that job. It will also help you in getting several new opportunities.  

  • Be concise about your experience and achievements

When recruiters hire interns, they review many applications and choose the best ones. Therefore, you must make the resume comprehensible so the recruiter will not miss any details regarding your qualifications. 

You should try out the description of the skills, experience, and other things you can visualize easily. The person needs to use action verbs throughout the writing and always evaluate the achievement. 

  • Connect your resume with each job you are applying for

When a person thinks of applying for multiple internships, it may increase their chances of securing at least one. But make sure you are creating a resume that tailors to each role you are applying for. 

Every organization looks for an intern who will have the respective requirement they expect in qualified candidates. That is why you need to review the posting and job description about the role that will interest you and according to that, you can customize the resume.

  • Proofread and edited the CV before submitting

Once you finish the resume writing, it is time to proofread. You need to read it properly and edit it before you submit it to the person. The person must review the document and ensure no grammatical or spelling errors. It will help if you ask any of your friends to read that over, and they will also provide you the feedback. 

Important Sections That Need to Be Included in Marketing Internship Resumes

While writing the resume for the marketing internship, there are a few things that you need to mention, and those are mentioned below :

  • It should have a header that has the name and clickable contact information.
  • Include an objective that will state the goals and interests of the candidate
  • Qualification related to your class project or course that you have studied.
  • Section for your experience and achievements
  • Write about your soft and hard skills
  • Certification, if you have any.   

You will learn about these sections in detail, like what you should write in them and how you need to structure them. It will make the entire process simple for the person, and they can do much better.

How Should a Marketing Resume Look Like?

Ultimately, you must know your value and how to bring it. Then, a person can get tons of experience that you are willing to learn even more. From here, you will learn about the best resume formats and how to make them look better. 

  • Structure of header 

Creating the header for the marketing intern resume will be simple. But believe it or not, in the header also, there is a right and wrong way to structure it. That is why you must get the correct information, and it should at least include- name, phone number, and hyper-linked email.

The person should never underestimate the importance of formatting. It is crucial, and if you want, you can add some additional information. You can also add the location, title, or link if there is one.

Ensure the information you provide is clickable and easy to find. It should fit in the right way, and you can get several more ideas that will stand out.

  • The objective of a marketing intern should stand out

The next sections that will be there include the objective that you have for the marketing firm. Since you are new to this industry, it is your chance to show the recruiter how amazing you are and how better you can become. 

It will help you understand the position and will also make it a good fit for you. Along with that, the person needs to be more specific while writing the objective because most people write vague objectives, which is the biggest mistake they usually make. 

An objective is like a summary; you need to be specific in that and talk about the topic in which you are interested. Make sure you are writing a compelling summary that always focuses on the relevant topic.

  • Experience on marketing internship resume and how to describe it

For a student or someone who is a recent graduate, it will become challenging to include the experience on the resume. But even if the previous position where you have worked is not related to marketing, the skills are also transferable, which is why you need to add them.

The person needs to focus on achievements instead of job responsibilities. You should write everything that will make you different from the others and what you did that other has not.

The experience section needs to focus on professional achievements, and it will give you more details about the successful candidates.  

  • Ways to list tech Skills on a resume

Since you are new, you may not have tons of experience, which s why skill is a must. You need to list the skills related to marketing that you have mastered through class projects, previous employment, and coursework.

The person needs to separate technical skills and soft skills. You need to write the skills that catch the recruiter’s attention. 

  • How to frame it right 

It is crucial for the student or graduate student to frame the entire resume correctly. Everything should be in different sections. It should be concise but compelling so it can attract people. 


This was it! Writing a CV is not as easy as you think; many small details must be kept in mind. So, it is crucial for the student or intern to create different sections for different columns and make sure you focus on your relevant field.   


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